Target Shooting

The Air Cadets are one of a few youth organisations which offers small and large bore rifle shooting. Some of our squadrons have their own practice ranges, and we've got access to the Black Dog rifle range.

As a cadet, you can hone your skills on small bore .22 rifles before moving onto larger, more powerful and specialised rifles.

All live firing is conducted under strict and regulated conditions, and is supervised by qualified range conducting officers.

Shooting in the Air Cadets

As a cadet, you’ll be able to practice the skills needed to shoot with great accuracy. We follow strict procedures when shooting, and every meet is supervised by a qualified Range Commanding Officer.

Starting out, you’ll receive training on a ‘small bore’ .22 rifle. Many squadrons have access to their own firing ranges, commonly 20-25m in length.

From here, you can progress on to larger ‘full bore’ rifles, namely the L98 and the L81. North East Scotland Wing attends practice shoots at Blackdog range to the north of Aberdeen, and Barry Buddon range near Dundee.

At these days, you’ll have the chance to shoot up to 500 yards in distance.


Shooting is an important part of a cadet’s career, and to show the progression of your skills, you can earn marksmanship badges. These become progressively more difficult and require consistent accuracy.


Cadets of all skill levels can participate in competitive shooting meets. These may be hosted by individual squadrons, our Wing or further afield by our region.