Flying and Gliding

Flying and gliding are just two of the incredible activities you can take part in, and you can start as soon as you join. You'll be accompanied by one our experienced pilots and they'll guide you through the controls.

The skills are both similar, however they use very different aircraft - you will have many opportunities to try them all.

Once you have learnt the basics, you can progress on to complete solo flights and pilot navigation courses.


Flying in the Air Cadet is a great experience. You’ll have the opportunity to take the controls of a Grob Tutor training aircraft, under close supervision of a qualified and experienced pilot, and such flights are called Air Experience Flights.

If you’re feeling up to it, you may have the opportunity to perform some aerobatics, such as loops and barrel turns. These are both exhilarating but safe.

You’ll get the chance to go flying at least once a year to our local airfield, RAF Leuchars.


Gliding comes in two flavours in the Air Cadets. Firstly, you may undertake winch-powered gliding, where the Viking glider is winched into the sky and slowly drifts back down. We also use Vigilant gliders which are self-propelled - they can take off under their own power, but handle like a glider when in the air.

You can apply to gliding scholarships as you progresses through cadets, which will allow you to complete a solo flight in a glider.