What we get up to

As an Air Cadet, you'll have access to the huge variety of activities that we've got on offer. Flying and Gliding are of course some of the main attractions, but there is no end to the experiences which you can have.

While most of these activities are free, we may have to ask for a small contribution towards it. No matter what, the value of the activity will far exceed the personal cost.

We'd encourage you to have a look at the main activities that you can get involved in below, there's absolutely something for everyone. Hey

Flying and Gliding

Flying and gliding are just two of the incredible activities you can take part in, and you can start as soon as you join.

You'll be accompanied by one our experienced pilots and they'll guide you through the controls.

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The Air Cadets are one of a few youth organisations which offers small and large bore rifle shooting.

Some of our squadrons have their own practice ranges, and we've got access to the Black Dog rifle range.

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Drill is one of the main traits that's derived from the Royal Air Force.

It is considered an efficient way to move large groups of people in a structured way.

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Field Craft

Field craft is all about survival in the wilderness.

We wear our disruptively patterned material uniforms, and learn to cook and live with little resources.

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We take part in many different sports, ranging from football to swimming and athletics.

You can compete between other cadets in your squadron, between squadrons and beyond.

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Adventure Training

We're lucky to have the majestic Cairngorms on our doorstep, and we make the most if it.

We've got specialist equipment and training instructors to take you mountain biking, rock climbing and much more.

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